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Factoring For Service Providers

Factoring for service companies. Our invoice and accounts receivable factoring program is an ideal funding option for service companies that are invoicing their customers on credit terms (30-60-90 days).

We offer a flexible receivables funding facility to companies in the service industry including startups that comes with a simple application process which allows our customers to secure the funding they need quickly.

We can fund many situations even if you have been turned-down for business credit. To get started, complete the Short Form, we will contact you shortly.

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Additional Funding Options


As an additional funding options to service companies. We offer a purchase order finance facility that can complement a factoring facility, and when service providers need additional funding to finance single or multiple transactions with creditworthy customers, then our receivables funding facility is a good solution.

You deliver the goods to your customer obtaining proof of delivery and acceptance of the goods. You invoice us for the goods at an agreed discount and we advance you up to 85% of the value of your invoice. We invoice your buyer for the full amount and collect payment according to your agreed terms. We pay you the balance less our administration fees and cost of money used, once payment has been received.

What Next?

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