factoring for temporary and contract placement staffing agencies

Staffing Factoring

CFG staffing factoring along with its network of affiliates that cover all of the United States, Canada and fifteen other countries offer the latest state-of-the-art funding options to temporary / contract placement staffing agencies.

Our objective is to be a long-term financial partner to staffing companies meeting all of their needs with a funding range that benefits the small to large agencies:

  • Factoring from $10,000 to $35 million a month
  • High-volume factoring $5 million minimum with 90-Day rates as low as 0.75%
  • Startups, midsized, large staffing companies
  • Ledgered lines of credit without bank restrictions - More
  • A funding region that covers seventeen countries
  • Payroll funding and back office services
  • Receivables funded with advances on average to 90%
  • Facilities are structured to fit the clients' funding needs
  • Very competitive rates (we do our best to beat the competition every time)
  • Funding availability as you grow

Funding options include invoice factoring, receivables line of credit and payroll funding, these are finance solutions that are structured to fit the specific financial needs of contract-temporary placement staffing companies from the well-seasoned agency to agencies that are struggling or are in the red.

And for staffing agencies that are presently with an asset based lending/bank (ABL line) and would like to get away from the strict requirements but maintain competitive pricing, we have available the Ledgered Line of Credit, a very competitive and flexible ABL type facility secured with your accounts receivables. And unlike a traditional bank line, there are no strict audit requirements and almost no covenants with respect to ratios, concentration, etc.  The price structure is similar to an ABL line, typically prime + %, plus a service fee. The service fee is charged monthly on the gross amount of invoices, interest is charged on the amount of funds actually drawn, thus controlling the cost of funding.

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The Right Solution For Staffing

Our staffing finance solutions can provide the staffing industry with the right funding option to meet their specific demand.

A designed factoring facility that allow our client to grow their business by granting credit to their customers and not having to worry about waiting 30 to 90 days to receive payment on those invoices.

Our decision makers work closely with your agencies to put together the right funding facility under terms that are very competitive including high advances on your receivables.

CFG as a long term financial partner. Our involvement allows our staffing clients to focus on product quality, sales, customer service and growth, and we of course will focus on maintaining the flow of cash for the client with the funding of their growing accounts receivables.

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